Distinctive spaces that enrich your life and work.

At the end of the day it’s about serving the clients we work with.

Our commitment is to work with each client with the same attention and provide our highest level of design service. We help produce unique structures and spaces that are appropriate to each of our client’s needs, taste and budget; this is accomplished through an attentive collaborative process.

What we believe

A project of any merit, is about the team. Consider that the owner, the builder and the architect are pillars of a platform. Each one serves a unique role, and the quality of these pillars has everything to do with the success of a project. The means to the end travels a road of quality in process; the beautiful and efficient structure you so desire will inevitably be the result of this. This is what we orchestrate and something we do very well.

Tor Glendinning
Owner + Founder

Tor graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston in 1995 with a professional degree Architecture.  He spent the next four years as an architect, Intern in architectural design firms in New York City, Portland, Maine, and Damariscotta. Tor has been in the business for twenty six years, either as employee in other firms or owner of his own firm. During the last two decades practicing in Maine, he has built upon an in-depth understanding of the construction market for our region.  Tor has developed lasting relationships with engineering consultants, architect colleagues and contractors throughout the state. In 2003, Tor went out on his own to start 44 North Architects.  In the past eighteen years, 44 North Architects has successfully designed, planned, and managed more than 150 projects ranging in scope, building type, and budgets.

Tor serves on several local and state committees and boards.  He was recently the Chairperson for Town of Newcastle, Design Review Committee from 2012 to 2020.  He was a member of Town of Newcastle, Local Planning Committee from 2014 to 2019.   He has been a long standing member of the American Institute of Architects since 2004.  He is a current member of the Maine Chapter AIA Design Awards Committee since 2016.  He recently served a second time as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Central Lincoln County YMCA from 2019 to 2021 and previously served two terms from 2007 to 2012.  He is currently the Chairperson for their Master Facilities and Grounds Committee.  Tor is a Selectman for the Town of Newcastle; he was elected in July, 2020.

Doug Cogger

Doug has worked with 44 North Architects for 2 years. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Master of Architecture degree after receiving his BS in Business from the University of Maine, Orono. He has spent most of his career working for various architects and architecture firms in Southern Maine. Doug brings thorough knowledge of the design process to the office. He has an eye for three dimensional planning and strong understanding of building construction but enjoys the many aspects of architecture.  Doug’s proficiency on CAD platforms and other programs for building 3D computer models is key to the design process of the office.

Jennifer Wais
Interior Designer

Jennifer has worked with 44 North Architects for eight years.  She brings to a unique view of design to projects as an interior designer. Jen spent several years in the Boston area working for design firms after she received her Master’s Degree in Interior Design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1996. As an undergraduate, Jennifer earned her BA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Jennifer spent time studying design in Denmark as part of her education at Pratt. During her time at Winter Street Associates in Salem, Massachusetts, she was focused on the interior design for corporate architecture. Jennifer offers a vast knowledge of the interior design discipline. She has a great eye for color coordination and brings a lot of flavor to the fine touch of design.

How we work

What’s the trick? Organization! This is supported by utilization of the digital systems including computer-aided design and digital communication connectivity. Here in mid-Coast Maine a large firm of many is unsustainable. To remain relevant to our market, the office is headquartered by Tor and an associate, day to day. Depending on the size and scope of a project an active design team might be one or as many as 20 professionals engaged. This is how we are able to execute projects in a wide range of sizes and scope.

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